Learning About Sex

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This Resource Guide is a revised edition of two Advocates for Youth publications, The Librarian’s Guide to Sex Education, and The Resource Guide for Sex Educators.

This guide is organized both by type of media and by intended audience. The resources are divided into five sections according to type of media: video, audio, computer-based, print, and web-based; some of these sections are divided into more specific categories. Within each of these sections, resources are divided by appropriate audience (based on subject matter, not reading level). The three main audience categories are youth, parents, and youth-serving professionals (such as educators, health care providers, and others who work directly with youth). The youth and parents sections are divided by the age of youth: young children (ages 0-8), preteens (ages 9-13), and teens (ages 14 and up).

Each entry in the guide includes the title, author, publication date and length of the resource (providing that all of this information is available). When appropriate, the specific age range and gender of the intended audience is included in the entry. Additionally, a detailed description is provided for each resource. Contact and ordering information is listed for the publishing source, however, individuals are encouraged to search online retailers, such as www.amazon. com, where products may be found used or at discounted prices. Outside sources will also be helpful for items that are no longer distributed by the publisher, which is noted, as applicable. Products with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) provided can be searched using that universal number to ensure the correct product is ordered. If materials are ordered from an alternate site, please respect publishers’ rules regarding institutional versus personal price rates and usage.

If a resource is available in Spanish, this is indicated following the resource description in bold font, with the Spanish title and associated ISBN as available.

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